Strategic Sales

Buy-Side Acquisitions

Carve-Out Transactions

Complex Deal Structures

Hostile Negotiations

We strive to be trusted M&A advisors and assist our clients in evaluating alternatives as if the company was our own.  M&A transactions can be life-changing events not only for founders and entrepreneurs but also for company culture and strategic direction.  We have frequently advised our clients that sometimes no deal is a better alternative than a bad deal.


Secondary Private Offers

Liquidity Programs

Internal Tender Offers

Recent trends in the private securities markets are challenging the traditional ways in which private shareholders achieve liquidity and public institutional investors achieve returns for their investors.  We work with our clients to realize liquidity in the secondary private market for their companies' stock.


Late-Stage Capital Raising

Growth Capital Raising

Partial Recapitalizations

Strategic Alliances

Corporate Joint Ventures

We assist our clients in developing a range of alternatives to consider in growing their businesses, including capital raising and recapitalizations. Given uncertainties and volatility in the capital markets, we believe all capital raising must be considered against a backdrop of assessing strategic alternatives.

Our Experience

Transactions completed by our Founder while at Thomas Weisel Partners

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